4 Ways To Save On Car Insurance (2024)

You may think that your auto insurance bill is set in stone. Not necessarily. The good news? Your savings on coverage may just be getting started. The following four tips could help you get cheaper car insurance:

  1. Install Safety and Security Devices
  2. Dig for Discounts
  3. Combine and Consolidate Policies
  4. Opt for a Higher Deductible

4 Ways To Save On Car Insurance (1)

Install Safety & Security Devices

While safety features like anti-lock brakes and air bags are now required by law in the U.S. for all new cars, be sure your insurer knows if your older car has such safety devices—it could save you some cash. Security devices may also help you cut your bill. GEICO offers a discount of up to 25 percent off the comprehensive portion of premiums to customers who install anti-theft alarm systems.

Dig For Discounts

Check out the variety of discounts you could be eligible for onGEICO’s discounts page.For instance, if you’re a member of one of thealumni, educational, professional and other organizations that work with GEICO, you could be eligible for a member discount. Completing a defensive driving course (or a driver’s education course for teens) couldalso make you eligible for premium reductions. GEICO is proud to offer discounts to Military membersas well as federal employees. Call (800) 861-8380 to speak with an insurance representative about additional discounts you could be eligible for.Or, if you’re looking for a new policy, learn some tips to help you compare car insurance policies and see all of the great discounts you may be eligible for with GEICO.

Combine & Consolidate

Many households with more than one vehicle maintain separate insurance policies for each, but they may be missing out on amulti-car discountof up to 25% on most coverages. Move all your vehicles to GEICO and see how much more you could save.

Depending on the state you live in, you could be eligible for a multi-policy/multi-line discountif you buy more than one type of coverage through the sameinsurer. Pairingauto and homeowners insurance is the most common scenario, but pairing auto insurance with renters,condo, or mobile home insurancecould yield similar results. Get a fast, free quote on geico.comto see how much you could save on insurance foryour home, too.

Opt For A Higher Deductible

Typically, the higher your deductible (the portion of your claim you pay out of pocket), the lower your insurance premium. Many people avoid having a high deductible because they worry that they wouldn’t be able to cover it if something happened. To put your mind at ease, try opening a separate savings account just for emergencies. Once you’ve saved enough to comfortably pay potential deductible costs, call or go online togeico.com or use GEICO’s award-winning mobile app to adjust your coverage.

There are even more ways to help drive down auto insurance costs. Check out GEICO’s discounts pageto find out more on how tomaximize your savings.

By Danielle Blundell

Some discounts, coverages, payment plans and features are not available in all states or in all GEICO companies. GEICO contracts with various membership entities and other organizations, but these entities do not underwrite the offered insurance products. Discount amount varies in some states. One group discount applicable per policy. Coverage is individual. In New York a premium reduction may be available. GEICO may not be involved in a formal relationship with each organization; however, you still may qualify for a special discount based on your membership, employment or affiliation with those organizations. Homeowners, renters, condo and mobile home coverages are written through non-affiliated insurance companies and are secured through the GEICO Insurance Agency, Inc. The GEICO App and site received #1 rankings according to Keynote's 2018 Mobile Insurance Scorecard.
4 Ways To Save On Car Insurance (2024)
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