Best Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock Seeds (May 2024) (2024)

Minecraft players on Windows, console Minecrafters, and mobile players—this Bedrock list is just for you!

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To get the ultimate Minecraft experience, I always try to locate the perfect seed to match my ideal build or playstyle. I handpicked each of the seeds on our best Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock seeds list because of their stunning geography, resourcefulness, and overall fascinating world.


  • Best Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock Seeds
    • Desert Watchman
    • Icy Cliffs Island
    • Ice Spike Cherries
    • Two Mansion Seed
    • Adventurer's Home
    • Badland Baddies
    • Meadow Island and Fishing Village
    • Straight to the Nether
    • Treasure Planet
    • Iceskate Lake
    • Explorer's Cavern
    • Tiny Desert's Tunnel
    • Diverse Natural Landscapes
  • Best Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock Seeds
    • Coral Mangrove Islets
    • Desert Village Baddies

Best Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock Seeds

Whether you play on your computer, TV, or phone, these are truly the best seeds in Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock.

Desert Watchman

Best Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock Seeds (May 2024) (1)

Seed: -1636709389686617911

You are the Watchman of a quaint Desert Village in this seed. From your position on the tower, you have a perfect view of the nearby Desert hills, Mangrove Swamp, and another Desert Village in the distance. Keep the Desert Village safe from all of those who would do it harm. It might help to befriend the other nearby Desert Village for trade and shared protection.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Desert Village: Spawn
Second Desert Village: 148, -378

Icy Cliffs Island

Best Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock Seeds (May 2024) (2)

Seed: -2969390531556177038

These icy cliffs are the first thing you'll see in this Minecraft seed. You'll spawn directly on top of them as soon as you enter the world. The opposite edge of the tall island contains a Stony Shores biome with plenty of ores to collect. Luckily, the island contains a tree that can be chopped down and replanted for a consistent source of wood. You'll be able to live sustainably whether you choose to travel to other islands or just stay on this one.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Icy Cliffs Island: Spawn

Ice Spike Cherries

Best Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock Seeds (May 2024) (3)

Seed: -1380442750967319180

Whether you prefer warm or cool temperatures, you'll find the perfect place to live in this seed. Spawn is set next to a Plains Village between a Cherry Grove and an Ice Spikes biome. There will be a ruined portal next to the village as well. Half of the land in the distance is covered in snow while the other half is grassy and warm. Settle down in whichever area you'd prefer.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Ice Spike Cherry Village: 121, 80
Ruined Portal: 194, 94
Plains Village: 209, 665

Two Mansion Seed

Best Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock Seeds (May 2024) (4)

Seed: -5901157882951076534

Finding a seed with one Woodland Mansion near Spawn is hard enough. This one takes it a step further by having two Woodland Mansions inside of the large Dark Forest you spawn in! I've never seen two in such close proximity to both each other and spawn. If you want to explore the ins and outs of this rare structure, look no further than this seed.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Woodland Mansion 1: 392, 184
Woodland Mansion 2: 648, -632

Adventurer's Home

Best Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock Seeds (May 2024) (5)

Seed: -2519227206437615727

This seed is for all of the adventurous Minecrafters who want plenty to do in their next world. The Plains Village is built precariously over a large cavern with both water and lava falls. It has three temples plus a blacksmith containing some iron armor and tools. Players can begin their adventure in the cave beneath the village. Once they've cleared that, they can travel northeast to find a Zombified Plains Village and a Pillager Outpost.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Adventurer's Village: -175, -229
Abandoned Plains Village: 282, -353
Pillager Outpost: 343, -523
Ruined Portal: 284, -500

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Badland Baddies

Best Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock Seeds (May 2024) (6)

Seed: -7403724460581610567

This Badlands is filled with enemies, deterring many of those who would otherwise explore it. However, those willing to brave the dangers will uncover riches beyond their wildest dreams. A small hole in the ground can be found in the ground near Spawn. Dropping into it reveals a gap in the hole leading into a giant cavern! Make sure to bring a bucket of water, as that will be your only way in and out of the cave. An Ancient City lurks beneath the ground while a group of Pillagers takes shelter on one of the nearby hills.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Cavern Entrance: -596, -41
Mineshaft: -594, 33
Ancient City: -756, -44, 96
Pillager Outpost: -870, 310

Meadow Island and Fishing Village

Best Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock Seeds (May 2024) (7)

Seed: 7987613250007156854

This mountainous island is filled with ores and small caves. It's the perfect place to gather materials and build a hidden survival base. A short swim away lies a Plains Village raising crops and multiple animals, giving you the perfect opportunity to start your own livestock pens and crop farms. Additionally, making a boat and sailing across the ocean will lead you to a Mushroom Fields Island in minutes.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Meadow Island: Spawn
Fishing Village: -319, 214
Mushroom Island: 157, -197

Straight to the Nether

Best Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock Seeds (May 2024) (8)

Seed: 2283967631196359707

If you're looking to speedrun the game, or just want to get to the Nether ASAP, this seed will get you there in two seconds flat! This ruined portal is only a short walk from Spawn, and the chest in front of it contains the two obsidian needed to repair it. You will need to remove one piece of Crying Obsidian from the portal's frame, but that's no problem compared to the amount of time you'll save. The village in the background can be used to gather food and supplies before heading off.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Ruined Portal: 52, 63, 16
Snowy Village: 110, 138

Treasure Planet

Best Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock Seeds (May 2024) (9)

Seed: -513413373543899743

This seed is full of treasure, treasure, and more treasure! By the time you unearth them all, you may have enough Hearts of the Sea to create conduits across the entire ocean. One of the pieces of buried treasure is located in the center of a Plains Village, which I've never seen in-game before.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Buried Treasure 1: -248, 58, -248
Buried Treasure 2: -248, 48, -184
Buried Treasure 3: -312, 41, -40
Buried Treasure 4: -232, 65, -56
Buried Treasure 5: -184, 50, -40
Buried Treasure 6: -296, 43, 8
Buried Treasure 7: -296, 47, 72
Buried Treasure 8: -248, 63, 72
Buried Treasure 9: -184, 60, 72
Buried Treasure 10: -232, 56, 24
Buried Treasure 11: -184, 43, 8
Buried Treasure 12: -104, 34, 8
Buried Treasure 13: -40, 43, 8
Buried Treasure 14: 8, 63, 24
Buried Treasure 15: -296, 52, 216
Buried Treasure 16: -248, 45, 200
Buried Treasure 17: -248, 67, 264
Buried Treasure 18: -248, 65, 328
Buried Treasure 19: -184, 63, 264
Buried Treasure 20: -120, 54, 264
Buried Treasure 21: -120, 50, 328
Buried Treasure 22: -120, 35, 392
Buried Treasure 23: -40, 46, 328
Buried Treasure 24: 8, 68, 328
Buried Treasure 25: -56, 46, 200
Buried Treasure 26: 8, 60, 152
Buried Treasure 27: 72, 68, 200
Buried Treasure 28: 136, 59, 200

Iceskate Lake

Best Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock Seeds (May 2024) (10)

Seed: 3865501272786731804

Fans of icy biomes will love this seed. You spawn toward the edge of a giant icy lake, with Taiga Villages to the left and the right. Those brave enough to venture beneath the ice will be able to find a shipwreck and several ocean ruins. There are also plenty of buried treasure chests scattered alongside the snowy coasts and a few Trail Ruins in the nearby area. Don your ice skates and get ready for a winter adventure!

Key Locations and Coordinates
Iceskate Lake: Spawn
Taiga Village: -213, -362
Taiga Village 2: 310, -381

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Explorer's Cavern

Best Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock Seeds (May 2024) (11)

Seed: -3656267129498276989

Located inside of an abundant Jungle, this cavern is perfect for wilderness explorers and cave-dwellers. It has a giant open space with plenty of room for both mining operations and a base, while a ravine in the center drops down to deepslate for those wanting to start their search for diamonds quickly. The waterfalls acting as natural elevators are the cherries on top!

Key Locations and Coordinates
Trail Ruins: -195, 224
Jungle Temple: -153, 295
Water Pool Cave Entrance: -183, 94, 323

Tiny Desert's Tunnel

Best Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock Seeds (May 2024) (12)

Seed: -6255436931997813371

Spawning next to this small, circular Desert is already a treat. However, looking across the Desert to its northern side reveals an abnormality—a nearly perfect circular tunnel boring through the Desert's hill and the forested hills behind it. Entering it means risking death in the hopes of finding great treasures within its depths. Leaving it behind is a safe measure, but you'll always be left wondering if the tunnel could've fulfilled all of your material desires.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Small Desert: Spawn
Natural Mountain Tunnel: 76, 70, -124
Ruined Portal: -300, 156
Jungle Temple: -504, 104

Diverse Natural Landscapes

Best Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock Seeds (May 2024) (13)

Seed: 2280021184701739344

My adventure in this world began in a deep-set valley. Across from me stood a hill riddled with caves and treasures, while the hill behind me contained an isolated Plains Village on the edge of a cave. Both paths have potentially high rewards, so the only question is which side to loot first. A base camp could be established in the cave with nightly raids being made on the village. In contrast, you could establish yourself as the mayor of the village, using the villagers to improve your gear to take on the surrounding caves.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Cherry Grove: 9, -134
Plains Village: 116, 36
Holey Meadow Mountain: -135, 90

Best Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock Seeds

If you're still playing on Bedrock 1.19, these two seeds have you covered.

Coral Mangrove Islets

Best Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock Seeds (May 2024) (14)

Seed: -2103555893739923202

The Coral Reef in this seed is huge, covering all of the ocean surrounding these Desert and Mangrove islets. Each islet contains parts of Desert and Mangrove biomes plus its own structures. The most notable of these are the Desert Temple next to Spawn, the Desert Village at the northern end of the islets, and the Pillager Outpost at the southern end. There are also a few ocean ruins and shipwrecks hidden around the area for extra treasure hunting opportunities.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Coral Mangrove Islets: Spawn
Desert Temple: 58, 11
Desert Village: 174, -285
Pillager Outpost: 230, 569

Desert Village Baddies

Best Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock Seeds (May 2024) (15)

Seed: 9097871190726375889

These Pillagers have crossed over from the Badlands to take over a Desert Village. If you can free the villagers, they'll gladly reward you for your troubles. There is treasure to be gained from the outpost as well as from two nearby Desert Temples. The Coral Reef in the nearby waters is the icing on the cake for this lovely Desert seed.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Desert Village with Pillager Outpost: 59, 278
Desert Temple: 267, 122
Desert Temple 2: 43, -182

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Best Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock Seeds (May 2024) (2024)
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