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Finding the best Seed in Minecraft may be a little challenging at times. When you start a world, you're given a seed at random, and these seeds determine what kind of world you'll have. Sometimes you'll get lucky and land a perfect seed on your first attempt.

Thankfully Minecraft allows you to manually input a seed before creating your world. Doing this is especially helpful if you're looking for something more specific in your Minecraft world. This IGN guide will tell you which Minecraft 1.19 seeds stand out from the rest.

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Best Minecraft Seeds

Below you'll find a list of some of Minecraft's best seeds, alongside a brief description of each one.

Great Starter World

You'll spawn virtually in the middle of every biome in-game. There are a lot of mountains for you to explore, and each biome is rich with all sorts of resources. You won't have to go too far to find a pillager outpost or villages. When you feel up to the task, you can explore the ancient city found right underneath the starting spawn. Here are the coordinates to find the ancient city: -162, -44, -19

  • World Seed: 46942827301

Mountain Village

This is another great starter seed if you're looking to explore the new content right away. You'll spawn right next to a village on the mountain with two blacksmiths that'll have good loot to start you off. Right underneath the village, you'll find two ancient cities, and the first one can be located with these coordinates: 174, -38, 586. Right next to the ancient, you can find a stronghold at 91, -33, 649. If you venture into the nether, you'll spawn next to a bastion connected to a nether fortress.

World Seed: -183412789913619791

A Little Bit of Everything

You'll spawn in the desert next to a small pond in this Seed. Climb the mountains, and you'll find several different biomes next to each other, with a giant cliff leading into an even bigger body of water.


  • World Seed: 883950225

Desert Village

In this Seed, you'll spawn in a desert village near a Mangrove Swamp biome. You'll quickly notice how some of the village buildings are as big as the trees near the Mangrove Swamp, and if you go underneath the village, you'll find a Stronghold. If you build a nether portal, you'll instantly spawn next to a nether fortress.

  • World Seed: 348722287802000751

Mangrove Swamp

In this Seed, you'll spawn next to a Savannah village near a Mangrove Swamp surrounded by an army of frogs hopping around the place.

  • World Seed: 25614222889669836

Mangrove Mansion

You'll spawn extremely close to a Mangrove Mansion, with frogs hopping around on the roof. Right across the mansion, you'll see a jungle biome waiting to be explored.


  • World Seed: 5454173288014282276

Nothing but Sand

With this Seed, you'll spawn next to the ocean in the desert. You'll immediately notice the lack of trees nearby. This Seed is meant for players looking for a challenge when they first start a world. With that being said, there are trees, but you'll have to venture across the desert to find them.

  • World Seed: -8631174543717435159

Ancient City Spawn

If you want to explore the ancient city as soon as you spawn, this Seed is for you. You'll spawn inside an ancient city if you play smart enough. You'll be able to find good loot to start your world. This Seed is especially dangerous because it connects you to another ancient city.

  • World Seed: 565535403532980236

Water World

With this Seed, you'll spawn in the ocean and have to swim up right away if you want to survive. As soon as you reach the top, you'll be able to rest on a mini sand island. If you swim south of the island, you'll head to a mooshroom island, and if you go east of the island, you'll make it to reach a jungle biome. This is another seed for players looking for a challenge when they first start a world.


  • World Seed: -9142863513851137753

What Are Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft seeds are a series of numbers that make up a specific world. Once you start a world, the seeds can no longer be changed. But if you load into a random world and love your Seed, you can always look to see what Seed you have.

To check your Seed, follow the steps below:

  • Pause the game
  • Go to settings
  • Go to the Game tab
  • Scroll down until you see Seed

Now that you have your world's Seed, you can input it into a new world whenever you want.

How to Input Minecraft Seeds

You'll have to create a new world to input a Minecraft Seed. You won't be able to change the Seed in an already established world you have. When you're in the main menu, go to create a new world.

Before confirming the world, you'll see a menu asking you about the settings, As seen in the photo below.


You'll want to scroll down to the Advanced section, and once you do, you'll see World Seed on the top right. You must now select World Seed and input a series of numbers to get the world you're looking for.

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