Oet listening? (2024)

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How can I improve my OET listening?

  1. Get familiar with different areas of medicine or healthcare. ...
  2. Get familiar with the format of the exam. ...
  3. Read questions before listening to the audio. ...
  4. Speak up if you cannot hear. ...
  5. Move on with the listening. ...
  6. Be familiar with common abbreviations. ...
  7. Decide on the format right for you. ...
  8. Listen to health podcasts or videos.

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Is OET listening difficult?

The listening test of the OET can be tricky but you can succeed with our tips on how to get a higher score: Read questions before listening to the audio: Before the audio is played, you should go through each of the questions.

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What is the pass mark for listening on the OET?

The typical passing grade for the OET reading and listening tests is 29/42.

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How much does it cost to score B in OET listening?

6. What is the minimum score on the OET Listening to get a grade B? The OET does not provide a definitive mark to obtain a grade B, but generally test takers must get at least 30 items correct out of a total of 42 items to be awarded a grade B.

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Can I retake OET Listening Only?

That means that if you got the score you require in only 3 out of the 4 sub-tests (listening, reading, speaking and writing), and are just short in one sub-test, you can take the OET test again and if you pass that sub-test the second time, you can COMBINE the TWO OET test results and apply for registration.

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What is the most difficult part of OET?

OET: Writing component (45 minutes)

The writing part is usually the most challenging, and it is advisable to practice before the actual exam.

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How can I pass OET in 30 days?

How to prepare for OET in 30 days
  1. 1 Create a timetable.
  2. 2 Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. 3 Adopt a realistic approach.
  4. 4 Obtain the necessary books and materials.
  5. 5 Find out the assessment criteria.
  6. 6 Enrol in a preparation course.
  7. 7 Solve sample OET test papers.
Oct 31, 2022

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Which is more difficult OET or IELTS?

As such, there is no evidence that shows which test is easier – IELTS or OET. Both these tests vary in terms of difficulty. However, many consider OET an easier test. This is because it is specific to healthcare and the test-takers can make use of their healthcare knowledge, vocabulary, and experiences.

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Why do people fail in OET?

There could be many reasons as to why you failed in your speaking, reading, writing or listening exams. Let's take speaking for example; Your pronunciation wasn't correct, maybe there was a lot of grammatical mistakes. Or you didn't have a range of vocabulary in your answers.

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What is the OET score for nurses in USA?

What score do I need to pass the OET? Registered Nurses should aim for these minimum scores in the four sub-sets: 300 in Writing, 300 in Listening, 300 in Reading, and 350 in Speaking. More specifically, you will need a Grade of C+ or higher in Reading, Writing, and Listening, and a Grade of B or higher in Speaking.

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Is it easy to get B in OET?

But while more and more candidates are taking up the OET test, it is not easy. A large number of candidates are not able to get Grade B in all the sub-tests, which is something that most organizations ask for.

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What is C+ in OET?

C+ grade is given to the person getting marks between 300-340 and C to those who have obtained marks between 200-290. This means that the candidate can maintain the interaction in a relevant healthcare environment despite occasional errors and lapses.

Oet listening? (2024)
Is OET Listening same for all professionals?

All test takers, no matter their profession, will have the same Reading and Listening sub-tests on their exam. However, both Writing and Speaking sub-tests are different, in accordance to the profession for which you are examined.

Is OET Listening same for nurses and doctors?

There are 12 different versions of the OET test. Each version of the test is designed for different healthcare professions (i.e. nursing, medicine, radiography etc). The reading and listening sections are the same for each, but the speaking and writing sections are tailored to each profession.

What is a 350 OET score?

A score of 350 (previously grade B) for Writing requires a high level of performance on all six criteria. For the Speaking sub-test, each Assessor scores your performance according to nine criteria.

Is OET valid for 3 years?

OET certificates are valid for two years. If you are taking the PLAB test, your certificate must be valid on the day you sit PLAB part 1. If you are applying for registration with a licence to practise, it must be valid when we approve your application.

How many times attempt OET?

The OET test can be attempted as many times as the candidate wants to improve his score. The OET test is held twice in a given month.

What should I do if I fail OET?

Some professions require candidates to pass all four subtests in one sitting; meaning if you fail one or more sub-tests you are required re-sit all 4 sub-tests in one sitting. To ensure you're up-to-date with your individual requirements, please check with the Regulatory Authority that governs your profession.

How do I pass OET in first attempt?

we have put together some helpful tips to guide you through your OET preparation:
  1. Learn about the test overview and structure.
  2. Create a study plan.
  3. Sharpen your skills.
  4. Take practice tests.
  5. Review everything.
  6. Rest and Relax.
  7. Get the Official OET Course Guide.
Sep 2, 2019

Is 2 months enough for OET?

Successful candidates are those who spend like 2-3 months in preparation for the exam. Yes, if you are someone who is not so-very-good at English then it is recommended that you shall spend some extra time in brushing up your English language. This will eventually help you a lot with getting a good score.

Is 1 month enough for OET exam?

Unlike the USMLE exams, OET has fixed dates that you can take it on, in a month (mostly 2 dates in 1 month).

Why is OET so hard?

Even though the purpose of OET is to assess your English skills, the exam format as well as structured approach to writing and speaking modules make it virtually impossible to pass the OET exam without any preparation.

How many hours per day should I study for OET?

You need to plan for your OET preparation. You need to give at least 2 or 3 hours per day to prepare for the test. That is recommended. Most of the medical professionals have misconceptions about the test.

Can I prepare OET for one week?

In this one-week OET course, you will enhance the skills you need to pass the OET test and further your career in healthcare. Our one-week, intensive Masterclass course allows you to take practice tests so you can focus on specific areas ensuring you succeed in your exam.

How much time is enough for OET preparation?

As you have one month or 4-weeks to the day of the Occupational English Test (OET) it is important that you plan your preparation accordingly. You got to understand that this is the most crucial period for your OET Preparation.

How many mistakes can I make in OET writing?

Myth 3: There is a certain number of grammar or spelling mistakes that are “allowed” in the OET Writing sub-test. This is certainly not true. There is no particular number of mistakes that is going to automatically affect your grade.

How hard is OET for nurses?

This takes a lot of practice, but it is not very difficult once you get used to it. One final piece of advice: Time is really important in the OET reading sub-test and you shouldn't waste even one minute. If you are struggling with an answer, just give up and move on to the next one.

Can I crack OET in first attempt?

Tips to crack OET in the first attempt

The first and foremost thing you must understand about OET is that it may be difficult but not impossible to crack. But with the right guidance and strategy, you can crack it like a piece of cake.

Does spelling mistakes matter in OET?

Are spelling mistakes acceptable in OET Listening? A common question that candidates ask about Part A of the OET Listening paper is if spelling mistakes are acceptable. The answer to this question is that spelling and grammar do not need to be accurate on the OET Listening paper.

Do people fail OET speaking?

Remember, no one has ever failed in OET speaking because of pronunciation or accent. They just fail because of not completing their tasks. So try to finish all your speaking tasks within 5 minutes. In case you finish them earlier then repeat your allocated task by saying “let me explain this for you in detail “.

Which states in USA accepted OET?

OET is sufficient proof of English proficiency to apply for licensure and immigration in 18 States and territories, and is directly listed as approved by Florida, Oregon, Washington, and Michigan.

Can I take OET exam at home in USA?

OET@Home is an OET on computer test candidates can take at home via remote proctoring. Remote proctoring allows you to sit OET conveniently and safely at home, using your own computer, under test conditions that are managed remotely by proctors who understand the security requirements of OET.

Can nurses go to UK without OET?

if you are an English-trained nurse employed by a particular employer in the UK as a senior caregiver After a year, you will receive a certificate proving your language skills. You can complete this process to register with the NMC and become a registered nurse without taking the OET or IELTS.

Can I prepare OET from home?

OET Speaking Test Online (at home)

You will take the Speaking test at home (or any other chosen location), using Zoom on a computer or tablet. Mobile phones may not be used. Please see the OET Speaking Test Online User Guide for everything you need to know about the Speaking Test Online.

Can I take the OET twice?

There is no limit on the number of times you can retake OET Medicine, subject to scheduling availability. To be eligible for 2023 Pathways, applicants must attain a satisfactory score, as described above, on or after January 1, 2021.

Can I repeat OET?

Feedback is provided to you with each purchase. However, you can take OET Pulse once anytime within a 30-day period after your date of purchase. If you need to, you can retake OET Pulse if you purchase a second attempt via the OET Shop.

How many years is the validity of OET?

Generally, OET results are valid for 2 years but there are some organisations that may accept OET test results that are more than 2 years old, subject to certain conditions.

How do I tackle OET reading C?

Candidates who struggle with Reading Part C are often reading the text looking to match key words from the question or answer options. Instead, you need to read the text in English exactly as you would read it in your first language: to understand the meaning behind what the writer is saying.

Is it easy to clear OET?

Well, either you love it or hate it, OET exam is always difficult. Just think of preparation you may have to focus on for the big OET exam day - a race against the clock. You will be at your desk worrying over what to do. There will be question for you to crack and you find them to be difficult.

Is OET on computer better?

The way the assessors score your exam is also identical. Because it is the same test, the level of English assessed will also remain the same. Therefore, the way you prepare for the OET exam doesn't need to change if you choose to take the test on a computer instead of on paper.

Is OET simpler than IELTS?

Neither exam is easier than the other. Both IELTS 7.5 and OET B show you have an advanced level in English. It really is up to you! You may find OET simpler to understand as it is healthcare related and tests the language you use in daily practice.

What is the pass rate for OET for doctors?

OET Premium Provider shares latest results

OET Premium Preparation Provider Specialist Language Courses (SLC) has shared their OET preparation results for the first quarter of 2020, recording a pass rate of 73%.

Is OET a B1 level?

It is an international standard used widely for describing language ability.
Table 1: CEFR – Common Reference Levels.
C2Proficient User
B2Independent User
A2Basic User
1 more row

Is C+ good grade in OET?

A C+ grade is a good OET score given to the person getting marks between 300-340 and a C to those who have obtained marks between 200-290. This means that the candidate can maintain the interaction in a relevant healthcare environment despite occasional errors and lapses.

What are the 6 tips for improving listening?

10 tips for active listening
  • Face the speaker and have eye contact. ...
  • “Listen” to non-verbal cues too. ...
  • Don't interrupt. ...
  • Listen without judging, or jumping to conclusions. ...
  • Don't start planning what to say next. ...
  • Don't impose your opinions or solutions. ...
  • Stay focused. ...
  • Ask questions.

How can I practice OET Speaking at home?

When you are preparing for your OET speaking exam, you will need to practice often in order to get ready.
  1. Learn about the exam. Step one should be to learn about the OET speaking sub-test. ...
  2. Find a speaking partner. This is the first and most obvious thing you should do. ...
  3. Speak aloud. ...
  4. Review the role play cards. ...
  5. Conclusion.

What are the four R's of listening?

The four Rs of listening—receiving, responding, recalling, and rating—make up the listening process (see Figure 6.1).

What are the 3 keys to effective listening?

Effective listening has three modes: attentive listening, responsive listening, and active listening. Understanding these modes will help you increase your listening accuracy and reduce the opportunity for misunderstanding.

What are 4 good listening skills?

They all help you ensure that you hear the other person, and that the other person knows you are listening to what they say.
  • Pay attention. Give the speaker your undivided attention, and acknowledge the message. ...
  • Show that you are listening. ...
  • Provide feedback. ...
  • Defer judgment. ...
  • Respond Appropriately.

What words are commonly mispronounced in OET?

Words such as 'hygiene', 'obesity' and 'diabetic' are often mispronounced by ESL non-native English speakers. Pronouncing words like this clearly is essential for a good OET speaking score. If you mispronounce words like this with patients, communication can break down and this can negatively affect your score.

How many minutes is OET listening?

The total length of the Listening audio is about 40 minutes, including recorded speech and pauses to allow you time to write your answers. You will hear each recording once and are expected to write your answers while listening.

Is there a dress code for OET?

Wear comfortable clothes, as it will be a long day. Keep a checklist of things you have to carry on the day of the exam for your reference, so don't leave anything important behind. Confirm the test venue a week in advance and ensure you reach the venue well before the start time.

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