What does brace one up mean? (2024)

What does brace one up mean?

Summon up one's courage or resolve, as in Brace up, we don't have much farther to go, or Squaring his shoulders, he braced himself for the next wave. This idiom uses brace in the sense of “to bolster” or “to strengthen.” The first term dates from the early 1700s, the variant from about 1500.

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What does brace enough mean?

a having or displaying courage, resolution, or daring; not cowardly or timid.

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How do you use brace up in a sentence?

1. They braced up the old house with balks of timber. 2. The candidate braced up after his defeat.

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What does brace mean in a sentence?

to support yourself or a part of your body: She braced herself against the dresser. To brace an object is to support or strengthen it: You will need to brace the walls.

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What does it mean braces up?

to summon up one's courage; become resolute. She choked back her tears and braced up.

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What does brace yourself mean slang?

idiom. said to warn someone to be prepared for something.

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What are the two meanings of brace?

Definition. 1. to get ready for something unpleasant. 2. to push your body, or a part of it, against something solid and strong in order to support yourself or to avoid falling.

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Why do people say brace?

To assume a brace position or crash position is an instruction that can be given to prepare for a crash, such as on an aircraft; the instruction to "Brace for impact!" or "Brace! Brace!" is often given if the aircraft must make an emergency landing on land or water.

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What is the meaning or brace?

to support yourself or a part of your body: She braced herself against the dresser. To brace an object is to support or strengthen it: You will need to brace the walls.

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What is a synonym for brace up?

synonyms: undergird. type of: beef up, fortify, strengthen.

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What is a synonym for brace yourself up?

Synonyms. prepare (yourself) get ready. make (yourself) ready. steel yourself.

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What kind of word is brace?

(breɪs ) verb transitiveWord forms: braced or ˈbracing. 1. to tie or bind on firmly. 2.

What does brace one up mean? (2024)
Does brace mean support?

A brace is a support that helps to steady or strengthen, and to brace is to prepare for something hard.

What are braces English slang?

In British English, braces can refer to a pair of straps worn over the shoulders for holding up the trousers. He also wore a pair of colourful braces.

What is the difference between brace and braces?

NounEdit. The plural form of brace; more than one (kind of) brace. (plural only) Braces is something used to straighten teeth. (plural only) Braces are a pair of straps that you wear over the shoulders and fasten to the top of trousers at the front and back to hold them up.

Is it braces or braces?

Their proper names are parentheses and braces. Parentheses is the proper term for curved, round brackets. Braces is the proper term for curly brackets. Square brackets are simply called brackets.

Is brace yourself positive or negative?

Brace yourself—that's the English phrase I'm going to tell you about today. It's a good one. It means, prepare yourself for a disaster. Literally it means to cross your arms in front of you to protect yourself from danger.

Should I brace myself?

Research shows that people who are aware of an impending collision and have time to brace for impact have better long-term outcomes and less injury. So you should always brace for impact. You have a lot of muscles in your neck that can protect the ligaments, discs, and nerves in your neck.

How do you describe getting ready?

synonyms for getting ready
  1. astir.
  2. brewing.
  3. cooking.
  4. forthcoming.
  5. going on.
  6. in preparation.

What is the meaning of brace in Oxford dictionary?

noun. noun. /breɪs/ 1[countable] a device that holds things firmly together or holds, and supports them in position a neck brace (= worn to support the neck after an injury)

How do you use to brace yourself in a sentence?

brace yourself for something: I braced myself for the results of my blood test. brace yourself to do something: Smith braced himself to give her the bad news.

What does it mean to brace yourself against something?

If you brace yourself against something or brace part of your body against it, you press against something in order to steady your body or to avoid falling.

What is a synonym for supporting yourself?

On this page you'll find 30 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to self-supporting, such as: autonomous, nonpartisan, self-contained, self-governing, self-reliant, and self-sufficient.

Is a brace 2 or 3?

To score a 'brace' means that you have scored two goals in a game. It precedes a hat-trick, where a single player scores three goals during a game.

What does brace mean in the Navy?

Nautical. to swing or turn around (the yards of a ship) by means of the braces. Military. to order (a subordinate) to assume and maintain a brace. SEE MORE. verb (used without object), braced, brac·ing. Military. to assume a brace.

What does brace mean in dog training?

Mobility Assistance Tasks

Mobility service dogs can help to “brace” their owner. Bracing means helping to keep a person from falling or to assist them to sit or stand upright.

How many is in a brace?

When a football pundit, player or fan talks about a brace, they are referring to the scoring of two goals in one match. So, for example, when Edinson Cavani scored his two goals against Southampton recently, you could say that he scored a brace.

Why is 2 goals called a brace?

Hunters would use the word brace to refer to how many animals they had caught on their trip. For example, if a hunter comes home with a brace of geese, it meant they had caught two geese. Similarly, if a soccer player scores a brace of goals, they have two goals.

What are 4 goals called?

For reference: 2 = brace, 3 = hat-trick, 4 = haul, 5 = glut, 6 = double hat-trick, 7 = haul-trick.

What is the other meaning of brace?

: something that transmits, directs, resists, or supports weight or pressure: such as. : a diagonal piece of structural material that serves to strengthen something (such as a framework) walls held up with braces. medical : an appliance for supporting a body part.

What does brace for impact mean?

To assume a brace position or crash position is an instruction that can be given to prepare for a crash, such as on an aircraft; the instruction to "Brace for impact!" or "Brace! Brace!" is often given if the aircraft must make an emergency landing on land or water.

What is a brace symbol?

Braces in math are symbols that are used twice, once to open “{“ and once to close “}” an argument, expression, or equation. These are commonly referred to as curly brackets and written as { }.

What does brace mean in military?

The military brace is a body posture, sometimes known as scapular posterior depression or the costoclavicular maneuver. It is a modification of standing at attention that is primarily used in military schools.

What does BB mean in military?

BB stand for battleship bombardment, BB-61 is the Iowa BB-62 NEW JERSEY BB-63 MISSOURI BB-64 WISCONSIN.

What is a brace in hunting?

In hunting speak, one might hunt down a brace of birds or rabbits, which means two of such creatures were killed.

Why is bracing done?

A bracing system serves to stabilize the main girders during construction, to contribute to the distribution of load effects and to provide restraint to compression flanges or chords where they would otherwise be free to buckle laterally.

What are the four pillars of dog training?

The Four Principles of Operant Conditioning for Dogs
  • POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT. The dog's behavior makes something good happen. ...
  • POSITIVE PUNISHMENT. The dog's behavior makes something bad happen. ...
  • NEGATIVE PUNISHMENT. The dog's behavior makes something good go away. ...
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