Which callaway irons are best for me? (2023)

What are the best Callaway irons for an average player?

Mavrik, Rogue X, and Apex DCB are the most suitable Callaway irons for average and mid-handicap golfers.

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What are the best Callaway irons for the money?

Best Callaway Irons
  • Callaway Apex Irons. An iron aimed at the club golfer seeking a blend of distance, feel and control. ...
  • Callaway Apex DCB Irons. ...
  • Callaway Rogue ST Max Iron. ...
  • Callaway Apex TCB Irons. ...
  • Callaway Apex Pro Irons. ...
  • Callaway Rogue ST Max OS Iron. ...
  • Callaway Apex MB Irons. ...
  • Callaway Mavrik Irons.
Feb 22, 2022

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What Callaway irons are best for seniors?

1. Callaway Max OS Lite Irons. Callaway is know for making some great irons including the Apex lineup and the new Rogue ST Max lineup. While the Max OS irons are a top pick for beginner and high handicaps, the “Lite” version is a great version for seniors.

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What Callaway clubs are best for seniors?

The Callaway Mavrik Hybrid Iron Combo Set is a great set for senior golfers thanks to the increase in ball speed and spin in every club. This combo set includes: 8 piece set. 2 Hybrids (4 & 5)

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What are the easiest to hit Callaway irons?

Our Most Forgiving Callaway Irons In 2022
  • Callaway Big Bertha B21 Iron Set (Most Forgiving Callaway Iron)
  • Callaway Mavrik Max Golf Irons (Most Forgiving Callaway Irons For Mid Handicappers)
  • Callaway Golf 2021 Apex DCB Iron Set (Runner Up 2)
  • Calaway X Hot (Best Value Forgiving Callaway Irons)

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What are the best Callaway irons of all time?

Our Best Callaway Irons Ever
  • Callaway Mavrik Irons (Best Callaway Irons)
  • Callaway Apex Pro Irons (Best for Low Handicapper)
  • Callaway Mavrik Max Irons (Most Forgiving Callaway Irons)
  • Callaway Big Bertha Iron Combo Set (Best Callaway Irons for High Handicap)
  • Callaway Rogue X Irons (Best Value Callaway Irons)

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What is a good set of golf clubs for an average golfer?

Set Composition

The Callaway Strata 16-piece set are the best golf clubs for an average golfer. These clubs are forgiving, high-launching, consistent, and moderately priced. In addition, the set includes a well-rounded offering of woods, hybrids, irons, and a putter to optimize your performance from tee to green.

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What clubs should an average golfer have?

For a person who is heading out to the golf course for the very first time, it is not necessary to have all 14 golf clubs in a bag. Beginners should start out with some kind of a club to tee off, something for long shots from the fairway (hybrid preferably), three irons, a wedge, and a putter.

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Are Callaway XR irons good for beginners?

The Callaway XR OS irons are great for beginners because they impart good swing mechanics. The internal standing wave technology sets the center of gravity as deep and low as it can possibly be. The result is very high MOI and irons that feel like they swing themselves.

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Are mavrik clubs good for beginners?

The Callaway Mavrik Max is Callaway's easiest to hit driver, making it a great option for beginners and high handicappers. It's built for high launch with medium spin, and the head is designed to be ultra-stable, making your misses left and right less severe.

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