Why do the TMNT eyes turn white? (2024)

Why do the Ninja Turtles eyes go white?

Inked! Stylization, my amigo! The white eyes thing is just a thing used in comics to make characters look cooler but to also avoid drawing eyes and save time. The 2012 Turtles used it to show moments of seriousness.

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What causes eyes to turn white?

Light shining off the optic nerve: this is the most common cause of a white reflex or white pupil in a photo. Light entering the eye at a certain angle may be reflected from the optic nerve. This becomes magnified and the white eye effect may be seen. Cataract: this is the second most common cause of a white reflex.

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What color is Mikey's eyes TMNT?

The animators gave Mikey baby blue eyes to make him look slightly more 'innocent'. However, like all of the Turtles when they're in combat, the pupils and irises vanish from his eyes, leaving him with plain white bits, which are similar to that of the 2003 incarnations.

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Is it possible to have fully white eyes?

White Eye in Adults

White pupil can appear in adult eyes as well as in children. This is most often caused by normal optic disc reflection, and is particularly common in smartphone photographs. Leukocoria in adults may indicate an eye condition such as cataract.

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Who is the youngest TMNT?

Michelangelo appears in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles portrayed by Noel Fisher. In the film, he is the youngest and the jokester of the group who loves playing video games and skateboarding.

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Is Mikey the most skilled turtle?

Master Splinter Declared Mikey The Most Talented Ninja Turtle. Despite the fact that he is portrayed as a lighthearted prankster, Michelangelo is a highly talented martial artist with superior ninjutsu skills.

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Can you have black eyes?

A black eye is bruising caused by bleeding in the tiny blood vessels in the skin surrounding the eye. Most injuries that cause a black eye aren't serious. But a black eye could be a sign of a more serious injury, such as an internal injury to the eye or a fracture of the thin bones around the eye.

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Why do eyes turn white after death?

After death, blood cells in the body break down and release potassium. In the eye, this process happens more slowly and at a more predictable rate than in the blood. Its also a process thats unaffected by temperature.

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What is Colomba eye?

Coloboma of the iris is a hole or defect of the iris of the eye. Most colobomas are present since birth (congenital). A cat eye is a type of coloboma. Any defect in the iris that allows light to enter the eye, other than through the pupil, is called a coloboma.

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Who is the 3rd oldest Ninja Turtle?

The new age order for the turtles (from oldest to youngest) is Raphael at 15, Leonardo & Donatello at 14, and Michelangelo at 13. Each episode will be 11 minutes long.

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Who is the oldest TMNT?

Leo is the oldest and most mature of the turtles & second oldest of Splinter's children, he is the fearless leader of the Ninja Turtles.

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Who is the strongest turtle?

Michelangelo has become the strongest turtle ever in the Last Ronin thanks to his mutation which has continued to change him. Warning! Spoilers for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin comic series below.

Why do the TMNT eyes turn white? (2024)
Are there red eyes?

Red/Pink Eyes

Two major conditions cause a red or pinkish eye color: albinism and blood leaking into the iris. Although albinos tend to have very, very light blue eyes due to a lack of pigment, some forms of albinism can cause eyes to appear red or pink.

What are purple eyes called?

Fuchs uveitis syndrome: Fuchs uveitis syndrome is a condition where various parts of the eyes become inflamed. Experts believe that in some cases, this condition can result in an alteration of eye color. The inflammation can turn the eyes blue or purple.

Why are my eye white blue?

There are lots of reasons someone can have blue “whites”. Anything that results in a thinning of the sclera could cause it. For example, some medications, like steroids, can produce blue sclera. Not having enough iron in your blood (anemia) and aging have also been shown to give a blue tint to the whites of the eye.

Can turtles see through their eyelids?

Swollen eyelids – the eyelids may be so swollen that the turtle is practically blind as it cannot see through the swollen eyelids.

Why do the Ninja Turtles have Italian names?

They considered giving the turtles Japanese names, but instead named them after the Italian Renaissance artists Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo, which Laird said "felt just quirky enough to fit the concept".

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