Why is my MetaTrader 4 account not working? (2024)

Why is my MetaTrader 4 account not working?

If you see a message such as 'invalid account' or 'no connection', check your login details and try to log in again. Remember to use your MT4 details, not your normal IG

IG Group Holdings plc, trading as IG Group, is a United Kingdom-based online trading provider, offering access to spread betting and CFD trading, which allow traders to bet on the direction of equities, bonds and currencies without owning the underlying assets.
https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › IG_Group
details – you'll have a five or six-digit account number for MT4. Also check the server you are logging in to.

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Why can't i log into my MT4 account?

Kindly check that you've selected the correct server during login, and entered the correct MT4 ID and password. If you're still unable to log in, you may have entered an incorrect MT4 ID or password. Kindly email us at support-mt4@bybit.com to request a password reset.

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Why is my MetaTrader 4 account invalid?

When the message “Invalid account” appears, it means that the trader cannot log in to the account. Most likely, the reasons why MT4/MT5 shows the “Invalid account” error may be incorrect login information, a non-activated account, or a holiday on the exchange.

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How can I recover my MetaTrader 4 account?

Users who do not remember their Investor password may alternatively look up the Mailbox tab under their MT4 terminal. There will be a message under the headline Registration that provides users with their Investor password and login credentials.

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Is MetaTrader 4 no longer available?

Moreover, the desktop versions of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 can be used without issues. Meanwhile, Android users can continue to utilise the platforms since they are still available on the Google Play Store.

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Why can't i login to MetaTrader?

It may be for the following reasons: Incorrect login data – you may see an instruction on how to check and correctly input the account data to your MetaTrader at the end of the article. Internet connection issues – you may check if the internet is working on your device for other apps except MetaTrader.

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Why is my MT4 account disconnected?

Axi Client Services

If your MT4 platform has no connection, please check through the following list of troubleshooting tips to try and eliminate common problems: No internet: Please check your wifi is connected or network cable is plugged in. Your proxy server or local network connection may be blocked.

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What does it mean when your account is invalid?

If you received the error message “Invalid account,” the username, password or server you entered is incorrect.

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Why is my forex account invalid?

The message “Invalid Account” may appear due to: Incorrect account number (check your account number as specified in your Trader Room); Incorrect account password (look for your password in the email sent to you upon account registration);

Why is my MetaTrader 4 demo account invalid account?

The “Invalid Account” message on a trading application indicates to one of two possible things done wrong in the logging process: Incorrect, or incorrectly typed in, account number. Incorrect, or incorrectly typed in, MT4/5 application password (not the Client Office password)

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Why is my trade disabled MetaTrader 4?

In conclusion, trade disabling on MT4 in Exness can occur due to various factors such as minimum requirements, account verification, and market conditions. Traders should ensure that they have met all necessary requirements and stay informed about market volatility and news events to avoid any trade disabling issues.

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How long does MetaTrader 4 demo account last?

MT4/5 demo accounts expire automatically after 30 days unless you have a live funded account and request us to set it to non-expiry for you.

Why is my MetaTrader 4 account not working? (2024)
Is MetaTrader 4 legal in US?

Yes, the MT4 WebTrader trading platform is legitimate.

Is MT4 and MT5 banned in USA?

The two MetaTrader apps were banned on Apple's App Store in 2022 for their alleged use by fraudsters targeting the US citizens and residents. However, both apps were restored after a few months.

Is MetaTrader 4 back?

Metatrader 4 (MT4) and Metatrader 5 (MT5) applications have returned to the Apple App Store as of 6th March 2023, after being unexpectedly removed by Apple in September 2022 for non-compliance issues.

Why does my MT4 say authorization failed?

Here are a few reasons why this may happen: Incorrect Trading account number. Incorrect Trading account password. Wrong Trading account server.

Why MetaTrader authorization failed?

The 'Authorization failed' error message means you have entered the incorrect login details. Please type in your login details manually and double-check whether your account number and password are correct. Make sure you did not include any extra blank spaces or capitalisations by accident.

What is the minimum deposit for MetaTrader 4?

Is there a minimum deposit to trade on MetaTrader 4? Yes, the minimum deposit is $100. We'd always recommend making sure you have more than the minimum available, to afford you more flexibility with your strategy.

What broker to use for MetaTrader 4?

IG is the best MT4 broker for US forex traders. It is authorized and registered with the RFED and CFTC and was established in 1974. IG supports dozens of forex pairs, including plenty of minors and exotics. Moreover, IG offers some of the most competitive trading fees in the market.

How do I find my MetaTrader account?

MetaTrader 4
  1. Log in as normal to your CFD or spread betting account at www.ig.com/uk/login.
  2. Go to My Account.
  3. Switch to your MetaTrader account using the dropdown menu on the top-right.
  4. Click Payments and then Deposit Funds.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to fund your account.

Why is MT4 not available on Iphone?

The reason is alleged non-compliance with guidelines by the developers of the MetaTrader 4 mobile apps. Currently there is no way to install MT4 app on devices running Apple's iOS. If you're looking for a quality mobile app for trading on financial markets, WebTrader could be a suitable replacement.

Why is my login or password invalid?

Invalid login errors usually mean that either the username or password you are trying to log in with are incorrect. This can also happen if the password does not meet password requirements (at least 8 characters, both upper and lower case and at least 1 digit).

How do I fix invalid username or password?

Clear Your History: If you are still getting an invalid username or password message, try clearing your browser's history and cookies. Doing this will help to eliminate any lingering username or password data that might be automatically filling in the spaces.

Why can't I open an account?

A bank can deny your request to open an account because of past accounts that were closed due to negative balances, a history of overdrafts or problems verifying your identity.

Why can't i trade forex on MT4?

If you have connected your live IG account to MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and are experiencing issues submitting forex orders from the MT4 desktop or mobile app, make sure that the currency pairs you are trading are named in this format: EURUSD. FX or GBPUSD. FX. You will only be able to trade pairs that end is '.

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